Buy a Valentine's Day gift: special pieces of high-quality jewellery

    February 14th is the perfect day to show your affection and celebrate your relationship. At a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day, give your loved one a gift with meaning . What is suitable for this? Jewellery made from high-quality 925 sterling silver, designed with great attention to detail and precisely handcrafted . With its diverse selection, the THOMAS SABO range offers you the right ideas for Valentine's Day gifts.

    Necklaces and bracelets in gold and silver with heart-shaped pendants
    Rings with meaningful symbols like infinity signs
    Hoop earrings and stud earrings with pink or pink stones - the colour of love
    Bracelets and necklace pendants that can be personalized with engraving
    Band rings with surrounding stone trim
    Stud earrings, earrings and bracelets with shimmering freshwater cultured pearls

    Give from the heart: Perfect Valentine's Day gifts for women

    Make your girlfriend, partner or wife very happy with jewellery as a Valentine's Day gift. Made of high-quality 925 sterling silver, the ring, stud earrings, bracelet or necklace pendant skilfully reflect your feelings . Designs with sparkling stones make the recipient's eyes shine as a Valentine's Day gift.
    If you choose jewellery with the symbol of love , the heart, or the infinity sign , they reflect the depth of your feelings. An excellent Valentine's Day gift idea: personalized jewellery. Some pendants, bracelets and rings from THOMAS SABO can be engraved . Your initials, the date of your anniversary or a declaration of love are ideal messages on the jewellery. In this way, your Valentine's Day gift becomes a sign of your commitment .

    Ideas for him: Valentine's Day gifts for men

    Rings, bracelets and necklace pendants made of blackened 925 sterling silver are suitable as Valentine's Day gifts for your boyfriend or partner. In addition to high-quality men's jewellery, the THOMAS SABO range also offers designs for couples . Pieces of jewellery with simple or expressive unisex designs are ideal for showing your togetherness .

    Versatile selection – the right gift for every taste

    If you like it classic, you will be happy with timeless designs that are set with princess or octagon cut stones. Straight-lined pieces of jewellery with freshwater cultured pearls are also a suitable idea as a Valentine's Day gift.
    Should it be playful? Then order charms in the shape of a heart or flower, which can be combined with other charms on a bracelet or necklace.
    Unusual pieces of jewellery are perfect as a Valentine's Day gift if it can be extravagant and glamorous. You should then add rings with opulent stone trimmings and large pendants with meaningful symbols or in three-dimensional animal shapes to your shopping cart.