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Charm chains: many ways to wear your Charms

THOMAS SABO charm chains give you the option to showcase your Charm pendants in a completely new way. Give a chic feel to your look with the new, extra-long Charm necklace featuring a single large hoop, allowing you to showcase your favourite pieces all at once. Have fun with the choker trend and wear it with a single pendant that matches your individual style, mood and look

Build your charm necklaces with chain plus carrier

Play around with your jewellery! Add a single Charm carrier to a simple gold or silver chain to transform it into a charm necklace. Complete the look with the Charms that you love to make it your very special piece of THOMAS SABO jewellery.
If you’re feeling particularly trendy, opt for a paper clip style charm necklace which makes a cool revival from the 1990’s. This will look good both on its own or adorned with several Charm pendants in different shapes and colours. Combine it with a Little Secrets rope charm necklace, which goes hand in hand with the matching friendship bracelets.

Charm Necklaces reinvented with Generation Charm Club

With the launch of Generation Charm Club, the large-sized Charms can still be worn on the classic charm bracelets, but look extra stylish on long and short necklaces available in 925 Sterling silver and 18k yellow gold. There are Charm necklaces in varying lengths and designs – perfect to be styled in a layered look. Embrace the two-tone trend by mixing and matching silver chains and XL gold charms or vice versa. Go bold with a long yellow gold charm necklace and adorn it with silver and colourful charms for a statement look. Wear your chains layered for a more dramatic style that won’t go unnoticed.

Create personalised charm necklaces

Create a different style every day by customising your charm necklaces with Charm pendants that represent your date of birth, a special occasion or memory. With Generation Charm Club you can create the ultimate birthday present by adorning a long Charm necklace with birthstone and Zodiac sign pendants. Get ready for seaside holidays by opting for a maritime-themed necklace with statement animal Charms or build dreamy creations with moon, sun and star Charms with a Boho-chic feel.
Wear a stylish piece that everyone is bound to envy!