Rings for men by THOMAS SABO: modern, classic, and always fashionable

Whether you are looking for simple or outstanding designs – the THOMAS SABO men’s rings perfectly represent your striking side. Traditional styles, modern interpretations and lavish ornamentations contribute an expressive touch to all your outfits. Discover the different designs within the THOMAS SABO online-shop – starting out with signet rings for men.

All rings for men are made of blackened 925 Sterling silver and elaborately hand-crafted. Some ornaments are refined with an 18k yellow gold plating. Filigree engravings, extravagant techniques and gemstones in strong colours add to the large design-portfolio of these multifarious accessories.

Cool rings for men: decorated with mystical stones

Meaningful symbols, motives inspired by nature and sculptural ornamentations: with their catching compositions and many details, these extraordinary men’s designer rings receive all the attention. Contrasting lines and fine ornaments stand for rebellious looks. With both elements, we create expressive and various eyecatchers, which represent a strong personality and a sense for style.

Polished stones such as the real onyx, the tiger’s eye, or the obsidian crafted in the special pyramid cut, create a remarkable jewellery experience. They are all placed into their recesses by hand and provide a special appearance to the entire jewellery for men. Furthermore, the black zirconia stones within the men’s 925 Sterling silver rings guarantee special moments – either lavishly placed into pavé-setting or as small sparkling highlight.

Highest craftsmanship: THOMAS SABO rings for men with three-dimensional depictions

Apart from the elaborate engravings, which create two dimensional surfaces, the THOMAS SABO male rings are crafted in an even higher profession. Due to their detailed arrangements, some of these diverse creations are part of the TS EXCLUSIVE collection. These men rings are exclusively available within the THOMAS SABO online-shop and in THOMAS SABO stores. The three-dimensional icons are exotic, mystical, or animalistic. They are inspired by animals and fantastic stories with characteristic meaning:

  • Eagles & falcons: free and sublime
  • Tigers: reckless and independent
  • Scorpions: passionate and dangerous
  • The world of knights: courageous like the royal sword

But nothing represents empowerment and rebellion more than the popular skull. As part of the Rebel at heart-collection by THOMAS SABO, the skull ring for men embodies the symbol of strength. Men with this piece of jewellery take advantage of every moment and definitely know what they want.