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THOMAS SABO Charm Club: mix & match

Brighten up your life! The colourful collection is full of joie de vivre and keeps setting new trends. It stands for diversity and creativity.

The THOMAS SABO Charm Club offers high-quality necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings made from 925 sterling silver with fresh, playful designs. Characteristic of the Charm Club world are the charms, which arouse a passion for collecting in their large selection. These pendants add a personal touch to necklaces and bracelets.

The Charm Club pieces of jewellery can be combined with each other as you wish: rings, bracelets and necklaces in a stacking or layering style. Fine earrings also get an individual look that can be changed at any time with hangers. Thanks to small eyelets, these can be easily attached to hoop earrings, for example. This is how unique creations are created that radiate full of energy.

Dreams come true: Whether as an inspiring gift idea or as an expression of your own personality - trendy looks can be created to your heart's content with over 500 charms.

With a new face: update of the THOMAS SABO Charm Club - Charming Collection

The THOMAS SABO Charm Club has been breaking new ground since summer 2020. With the large expansion of the range, the focus is now even more on the popular mix & match style. Delicate designs and filigree designs combine with the latest trends and unite with the classic symbols of the Charm Club.

There are no limits to the possible combinations. Trendsetters are free to individually implement their styling ideas. Thanks to the fine design language, the different motifs and styles complement each other perfectly.

The charming packaging of the elegant jewellery boxes rounds off the enchanting jewellery and stands out with its black and white striped look. Giving away is twice the fun, because the box alone makes the hearts of friends, family members or loved ones beat faster.

THOMAS SABO Charm Club combines valuable materials with attention to detail

All pieces of jewellery in the THOMAS SABO Charm Club collection are made of high-quality 925 sterling silver. As a result, the pieces of jewellery harmonize perfectly with each other and create magical, individual looks.

In the design mix, styling queens are spoiled for choice: high-quality gilding with 750 yellow gold or 750 rose gold increases the diversity of the collection. Discover the lovingly created collection in the THOMAS SABO online shop or in local stores.

Live out your passion for collecting with the THOMAS SABO Charm Club pendants

The world of collecting reaches its peak with the charms of the THOMAS SABO Charm Club - whether for bracelets, necklaces, or brooches. The possible combinations are almost endless. Simple charms are transformed into personal pieces of jewellery with an individual engraving. Whether as a gift to yourself or to a loved one - the meaning of the piece of jewellery is particularly emphasized with numbers, symbols, or letters.

Timeless basics create modern trends at all times. With the THOMAS SABO Charm Club bracelet, new variations are possible every day according to your mood - simply hook in the charms that best represent today's style or mood. This is how easy-to-wear mix & match styles are created:

  • Letters: Various fonts and designs for loved ones' names
  • Animals: As soul animals or as an expression of special belonging
  • Zodiac & Birth: Birthstones as a personal talisman or intricately designed zodiac representations for cosmic flair
  • Lucky charms: cloverleaf, horseshoe or hand of Fatima - protects and brings good luck

Flirty Layering: Featuring multiple Charming Collection necklaces and bracelets

The chains and bracelets from the THOMAS SABO Charm Clubs can also be combined with other models. The resulting layering style is delicate and light. You can choose between different lengths, or the pieces of jewellery are adjustable in length, which means that a wide variety of variations are possible.

Ring Stacking: Create trendy looks yourself

In the THOMAS SABO Charming Collection, playful styles are created with ring stacking. Simple rings perfectly complement designs with stones in rainbow colours or symbols to individual creations. The selection of rings from the Charming Collection made of 925 sterling silver, with 750 yellow or rose gold plating makes trendy combinations in a bi- or tricolour look possible.

Sweet enough to eat: Ear Candy

Let's celebrate! Eye- catching designs and classic elements bring the mix & match trend to your ears. The stylish combinations create a relaxed atmosphere and offer numerous possibilities thanks to the varied earrings.

The special feature: Ear candy does not have to look the same on both sides - the variation makes it . Creoles, ear cuffs and ear studs conjure up light creations that cause a stir in bright, bright colours or monochrome.