Golden Christmas: Flawless Christmas look with special eyecatchers

Golden Christmas: Flawless Christmas look with special eyecatchers

In our THOMAS SABO jewellery you will find the elegant glamour of Christmas, which will round off your outfit perfectly – see for yourself.

From November onward you really know Christmas is coming again.  The weather is hotting up, the shops are all decorated in green & red - tinsel everywhere and Christmas parties & socialising has begun.  Our thoughts turn to organising our gatherings with family and friends and what gifts to buy for who. 

Dreamlike Christmas jewellery

Gold in particular is a special trend colour this year: this can be seen particularly in the choice of jewellery by many people who rely on gold accessories. For this reason, our THOMAS SABO designers have created a multitude of gold shining jewellery that flatter any outfit and radiate a Christmassy flair – such as the Mini Vintage Watch in the style of art deco.  It sets highlights with its elegant look and clear design, made of yellow-gold-coloured stainless steel, the model impresses by virtue of its narrow, angular format, distinctive horns and a gold shimmering dial. Combined with our Sparking Star Ring with it's obvious lucky star design - an individual and magical symbol in the sense of a solitaire ring. You can round off the whole thing with the gold-plated bracelet with lucky charms - filled with bright gemstone colours and a variety of lucky charms.

 Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia

Magic Christmas Jewellery

The cosmos-inspired Y-shaped necklace is also a dream come true: finely faceted, sparkling zirconia details and a moon that symbolises constant change – a treasure that enhances every look as an eye-catcher. The same applies to the sparkling star ring and the gold-plated plugs. The Gold Star Earrings give a dreamlike star image with filigree handcrafted and adorned with star-cut zirconia stones, this design lets the wearer shine!  The Gold Stars Bracelet is a dainty yellow gold plated women’s bracelet with cosmic imagery. Each jewellery star is individually crafted and gives the design a playful, magical look.  All our magical jewellery offer you a festive look that will captivate all your fellow human beings.

Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia

Eye Catching Pendants

The THOMAS SABO range of eye-catching pendants are fascinatingly beautiful: the preciously handcrafted, three-dimensional unicorn pendant is a real eye-catcher, which radiates an iconic aesthetic with its magical blue stone combinations. The royalty unicorn competes with the gold-plated THOMAS SABO cat, which with its cosmic motifs, a necklace in jewellery colours and flexible elements is a truly unusual interpretation of a pussy. But be sure: both pendants look magically beautiful and perfect your outfit down to the last detail.

Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo Australia

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If our selection is not enough for you, then browse through our online shop from the comfort of your own home or visit one of our stores near you, which you can find with our Shop Finder, and let us advise you on site. And as soon as you have found your Christmas look, take a picture of yourself and the newly acquired jewellery, post it on your social media account and tag us on your profile under @thomassaboau. Happy Golden Christmas!

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