Discover expressive earrings and ear studs for men at THOMAS SABO

Our earrings and ear studs for men add an extraordinary accent to everyday or elegant outfits. The combination of a modern style and the symbolism of centuries-old traditions results in masculine designs for fashion-conscious men. The THOMAS SABO earrings for men are precision-crafted. High-quality 925 sterling silver is shaped for the unique pieces of jewellery . Some selected earrings for men are finished with shiny 750 yellow gold plating . Handpicked stones complement the first-class material and make the men's earrings and ear studs unmistakable eye-catchers. Raised reliefs and a three-dimensional design, ensure that meaningful motifs are even more impressive when wearing the men's earrings.

Large variety of earrings for men

The earrings, ear studs and hoop earrings for men from the Rebel at heart collection by THOMAS SABO are more than men's jewellery. They are an expression of your own personality and small works of art with a distinctive charm. Whether earrings for men made of 925 sterling silver, set with black stones or with 750 yellow gold plating - the product range is as diverse as the character of every jewellery lover. There are various trendy earrings for men to choose from:

- Ear studs for men: They are the classics among men's ear jewellery and stylishly complement any outfit. There are ear studs in simple designs and in the form of finely crafted crosses, skulls, swords or animals.
- Long earrings: Extravagant and detail-oriented, they set accents. Particularly popular are long single earrings decorated with ornaments that draw attention to themselves.
- Men's hoop earrings: Whether classic and subtle or decorated with many details and specially designed, for example as a mystical feather - THOMAS SABO hoop earrings match every style.

    Earrings and studs for men with iconic motifs

    The THOMAS SABO hoop earrings, ear studs and earrings for men from the Rebel at heart collection not only offer visual highlights due to the wealth of detail and exciting mix of materials. Some are decorated with symbolic motifs that have a deeper meaning. A plug with the iconic skull symbol, for example, exudes a mystical charm. The skull motif represents freedom and rebellion , but also reminds us of the transience of life. A piece of jewellery with a sword stylishly complements any masculine look. It represents courage, strength and exudes self-confidence . Cross earrings for men make a strong statement. The symbol of hope and faith bring men's earrings made of blackened 925 sterling silver or with 750 yellow gold plating to their best advantage. So every fashion-conscious man can emphasize his personality individually.