Create personalised jewellery with sterling silver and 18k yellow gold plating letter Charm Pendants from the Generation Charm Club collection. Shop silver and gold vermeil vintage-inspired letter Charms complete with zirconia pave stones. Personalise your charm necklace or bracelet with initials of your name or a loved one´s now!

    Every name in the world has a Charm Club letter!

    What’s your name? Jamie, Ashleigh, Katherine, Charlotte, Philippa, Francesca…? Whatever your name is, we have the letter Charm pendants for you! Charm Club includes a wide range of letter Charms, all in 925 Sterling silver and available in two beautiful designs: you can choose between the simple and plain silver letters and the Charm letters encrusted with dazzling white zirconia, for a glam touch.

    A charming ABC with THOMAS SABO letter Charms

    Charm Club letter Charms are perfect as a gift to a friend or even as a gift to… yourself! Celebrate your beloved first name by adding your initial letter to your Charm bracelet or have your boyfriend’s, husband’s, partner’s, children’s initials on it, so that you can have your loved ones always with you, while also showing them how much you care! The ABC becomes so charming with THOMAS SABO: have fun creating words and meanings with the letter Charm pendants, from LOVE to YOLO, XYZ, TOP, MUM, WOW… there are hundreds of word combinations ready to be created and showcased on your charm bracelet! Start picking your letter Charms and personalising your jewellery accordingly to your style and the message that you wish to give! Say it to the world in the most charming way with THOMAS SABO!

    Perfect gifts for any occasion

    Letter Charms offer so many possibilities! Mix & match letter Charms with love & friendship Charms for a meaningful gift to a loved one; wish happy birthday to a friend by gifting her with her initials plus a happy birthday Charm; combine a letter Charm with country & city Charms as a souvenir of a memorable holiday, and if you are expecting a new arrival, THOMAS SABO baby shower Charms and initials are a perfect combination for a baby shower or Christening.