Christmas Charms

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Celebrate the most magical time of the year with Charm Club: discover the Christmas Charms

Love, laughter, family get-togethers, friends, good food, the smell of cinnamon and fresh pine tree, the coolness of home when it's hot outside & everyone is melting at the beack: it’s Christmas time! Is there a more magical time? Surely not! This year make sure to make it even more extraordinary with Charm Club’s Christmas Charms! THOMAS SABO has created a fantastic selection of the cutest Charms inspired by Santa, his little helpers and all things festive: the snowflake (even though it's hot in Australia), the Christmas tree, the flutes to cheer to the New Year, the guardian angel and the shiny star – Christmas Charms that you and your loved ones will love!

Build the perfect Christmas Charm bracelet

Here are the instructions to create an impeccable Christmas-inspired Charm bracelet: firstly you have to choose your favourite Charm bracelet – it can be either a 925 Sterling silver chain bracelet, an 18k rose gold plated one or a colourful beaded bracelet - then explore the fabulous range of THOMAS SABO Christmas Charms! Third step: start dreaming! Expect to get lost in a fairylike world where sparkly elf charms shine when riding silver unicorns, rushing through the Charm Club world to go and help Father Christmas preparing the gifts!

A snowflake Charm will be a must for your Christmas bracelet!   Match that with the sweet falling star, encrusted in white zirconia and perhaps an angel wing, to provide you with protection. Add a cute Christmas tree Charm and there you go: your charm bracelet is ready and it couldn’t be more charming!

Gift happiness this Christmas, gift Christmas Charms!

The THOMAS SABO Christmas Charms are special mementos of this contemplative time of the year and make for lovely Christmas gift ideas that will no doubt make hearts beat that little bit faster and the eyes sparkle! Collect them all and gift them to your loved ones: you will make their Christmas morning the most special they ever had.