Unique chain pendants for men at THOMAS SABO

The men's necklace pendants from THOMAS SABO are characterized by a creative design and careful processing. Thanks to the finest craftsmanship and excellent techniques, pieces of jewellery with a characteristic look are created from high-quality materials . From classic and subtle models to extravagant chain pendants for strong personalities - the range of the Rebel at heart collection from THOMAS SABO inspires with a large variety of pendants for men. Discover the extraordinary works of art that you can wear on a men's necklace of your choice from the THOMAS SABO portfolio.

Necklace pendant for men in outstanding quality

So that they are companions for many years, our chain pendants for men are made of high-quality 925 sterling silver , which is blackened in many designs for particularly rebellious accents. The collection also includes men's pendants with 750 yellow gold plating . This gives them a special value and glamorous look. An impressive mix of materials is created through the use of sparkling black zirconia stones and hand-picked gemstones . Raised reliefs, fine engraving lines and a three-dimensional design bring individual designs to life. A matching necklace for men brings the trailer to its best advantage. Different long chains with pendants can be individually combined for cool layering looks.

Chain pendants for men: statement jewellery with symbolism

The men's pendants for necklaces from THOMAS SABO are more than jewellery. The motifs chosen carry a profound symbolism . Therefore, every pendant for men has a personal meaning that they wear to the outside world. The following symbols are available for selection:

  • Skulls : They underline the rock side and stand for freedom and strength. The mystical motif is a timeless, fashionable element. A skull embodies grandeur and has a powerful charisma.
  • Crosses : A powerful motif that allows the wearer to feel an inner power. It is a powerful symbol of hope.
  • Swords : As a sign of justice, the sword is not only of great importance in heroic tales. It also radiates magical powers as a pendant for men on a chain.
  • Compasses : A compass always shows the right way and provides support in difficult times. It was worn by seafarers to show them a safe way home.

Representing hope and luck, a compass pendant for men is a meaningful talisman.

  • Animal motifs : The design team around Thomas Sabo also draws inspiration for the unique creations from the animal kingdom. Tigers, dragons or panthers bring out the wild side in men. They symbolize courage, bravery and dignity.

Rebel at heart: the collection for the rock star in man

The men's jewellery from THOMAS SABO inspires with a rocking look . The Rebel at heart collection is characterized by powerful symbols that stand for strength, courage and self-confidence, such as skulls, crosses or swords. The pendants for men's chains from THOMAS SABO are elaborately manufactured with great attention to detail . The rebellious looks are created through individual design codes and blacksmithing, which testifies to the highest quality . Discover the extraordinary necklace pendants for men and bring the rock star in you to life.