Rebel at heart icons: the Skull

The style of the THOMAS SABO Rebel at heart line is characterised by individual designs with a rebellious attitude and marked expressiveness. The icon of the men's jewellery collection is the Skull. It is the ideal symbol for modern rebels because it embodies freedom, rebellion and uniqueness. The various Skull jewellery pieces including skull rings, skull earrings and skull bracelets reflect numerous attributes of the modern lifestyle.

The design range of the THOMAS SABO icon encompasses highly expressive Skull bracelets or unique skull cuff links through to the noble Skull amulet with stone embellishments. Skull pendants make a particularly impressive impact on long, matt-black bead chains or in combination with crosses. In addition to the Sterling Silver collection, the Skulls can also be found in the THOMAS SABO Karma Beads line. The filigree Skull Beads stand for self-confidence and endow the various Karma Bead bracelets and chains with the highly expressive Rebel look.

Skull Jewellery Materials

In addition to black onyx with a glossy or matt appearance, blackened 925 Sterling silver is the material which endows the men's skull jewellery with a special coolness. It has become a firmly established component of the Rebel at heart line. However, 18k yellow gold-plated skulls are also starting to become and Rebel at heart must have, creating a more stand out look whenever worn.

Skulls as unisex designs

Although the Skull jewellery was created for rebellious men, the THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver line Rebel at heart also includes numerous unisex jewellery pieces. These are made for cool women who display the attitude of the rebel. Whether skull earrings or statement skull rings with black zirconia stones – the filigree Skull designs endow the individual items of jewellery with a quite specific character. Furthermore they express individuality and self-confidence in a stylish manner.

Fine Skull Jewellery

The ultimate embodiment of the Rebel at heart collection is the Fine Jewellery range. Take your love for skulls and all things edgy to the next level with jewellery in the iconic skull jewellery range. Black diamonds and solid 18k yellow gold make these big and bold pieces pop. From the iconic skull ring, to skull pendants, skull bracelets and even skull cuff links, these skulls add a luxurious element to your look in the boldest of ways.