Gift ideas to wish good luck with THOMAS SABO

There are many reasons to wish good luck to a friend and a loved one: from university exams to difficult life challenges, from the beginning of a new adventure to a job interview that could change their life! THOMAS SABO provides a huge range of good luck gifts, created to cater to all styles, budget and occasion!

Cloverleaf Charms and more: universal symbols of good luck!

Available in many different designs - from the 18k rose gold plated to the 925 Sterling silver white zirconia pave encrusted - cloverleaf Charms make the ultimate good luck gift, perfect for any occasion! You can also choose between the bright green enamelled cloverleaf and the one hanging together with the lucky number, 18, or with the other universally recognised good luck symbol: the horseshoe, in a very cute version.

The good luck gift selection includes ready-made Charm Club sets, from good luck bracelets including the horseshoe, the heart and the cloverleaf Charm pendants to Charm necklaces with the ultra-cute lucky symbol ladybird and also stone bead Charm bracelets ready to be adorned with the Charm amulet: if you like orient inspired amulets, opt for the Fatima’s Hand Charm pendant, oriental symbol believed to protect its wearer against evil or for the Chinese fortune cat, bringing health and wealth to the person who receives it.

Travelling in good spirit

Discover all THOMAS SABO lucky Charms and make sure that you gift them to wish good luck in the most charming way! Find out your friend’s lucky number and gift them with an 18, 21 or 9 Charm number: luck will come in their life… and so will a beautiful Charm to cheer them up when in need of a happy thought! And if they are embarking on a journey, gift them with “St. Christopher'” Charm: he is the patron Saint of all travellers and is believed to ensure its wearers reach their destination safely.