THOMAS SABO Basics: all the accessories that you need to complement your jewellery collection

Calling all Karma Beads lovers! These are the ultimate accessories that will give the final touch to your Karma Beads bracelets and necklaces. Especially created to accommodate your Karma Beads, the 925 Sterling silver carriers represent the best way to showcase your beads collection and to build pieces of jewellery that follow only your own style! Personalise your bracelet or necklace with additional accessories that are perfectly crafted and beautifully detailed and created to suit your style and need. Karma Beads can also be worn on hinged hoops earrings: customise them every day with a different Karma Bead and surprise everyone by wearing a different pair of earrings every day!

More basic accessories for you

Here you can also find the Karma Beads bracelets and necklaces in sterling silver - the base to start your Karma Beads collection! Complement your creations with the perfect accessories: Karma Beads Stoppers have an internal silicon inlay which allows them to slid over the Karma Bead bracelet, ensuring that your Karma Beads remain where they are supposed to at all times and don't fall off when you open your bracelet. The Karma Beads Safety Chains will then make sure that you keep your Karma Beads bracelet ultra-safe. Charm Club Charm carriers are required as an additional connecting element for silver necklaces, leather cords and satin ribbons in order to be complemented with Charm Pendants.