THOMAS SABO necklace styles for every women 

    Striking, subtly elegant and breathtakingly beautiful: the range of THOMAS SABO necklaces for women includes an array of pieces to suit any style and taste: discover statement accessories in 925 Sterling silver, 18k gold plating, 18k yellow gold plating, encrusted with dazzling diamonds, white cubic zirconia and colourful semi-precious stones in a rainbow of hues. From classic to fashion conscious, romantic or edgy: there is a necklace (or more than one) for every woman! Or even personalise your necklace with your own initials. Can't decide between your favourite necklaces? Why not embracing the new trend? Layer up your necklaces in silver and gold plating and create unique compositions which reflect your personal style! Getting creative is very easy and fun with the THOMAS SABO wide range of necklaces for women!

    Glam & Soul Diamond: precious diamond necklaces for women

    The feminine Glam & Soul collection has received a luxurious update: genuine diamonds features on Infinity of Love necklaces with the iconic infinity symbol, as well as on the trendy Triangle Diamond necklaces, perfect for layering and created for those fashion conscious women who like to make a statement with their jewellery. The intertwined rings on the necklaces from the romantic Together range also dazzles with both zirconia stones and diamonds, reinforcing the "never-ending love" concept: the two rings symbolise an unbreakable bond between two souls and diamonds last forever... it goes without a doubt that these necklaces, along with the rings and bracelets from the same range, are indeed the perfect gift ideas for a wedding, an anniversary or simply a declaration of love! For even more luxurious pieces necklaces in solid gold, featuring black and white diamonds and precious stones, the Fine Jewellery collection offers a selection of eye-catchers, absolutely stunning necklaces for women which are sure to make a statement!

    Romantic love tokens and striking symbols of protection

    From the iconic Knot and Infinity symbol to the dreamy Fairy Twines leaf necklaces and the array of heart-shaped pendants matched to fine chain necklaces , passing by a stunning selection of Evil Eye and Hand of Fatima necklaces: THOMAS SABO necklaces for women are perfect to brighten up any outfit and will become your jewellery daily staples, thanks to their understated elegance and wearability. Symbols of protection like the Eye of Horus and the Ankh from the Nile Treasures range, or messages of eternal love like the engravable Spinning Coin necklaces: these necklaces make meaningful gift ideas for your loved ones.

    Rebel at heart necklaces for women

    Unisex, but only for men and women with a rebellious attitude: the necklaces from the THOMAS SABO Rebel at heart collection feature 925 Sterling silver beautifully crafted skull crosses, impressive skull designs, mysterious snakes and tiger tooth pendants matched with thick chains or with black obsidian matted bead necklace – Rebel looks for rebellious types!
    The range of THOMAS SABO necklaces for women also includes stunning Karma Beads set necklaces complete with colourful Karma Beads, perfectly complementing the stunning THOMAS SABO pendants: choose between the blue Hand of Fatima, the pink Palm Tree, the turquoise signature THOMAS SABO Globe, the mystical Karma Wheel and many more eye-catching designs that will make a statement.