It’s a charming world with THOMAS SABO Charm Club!

Dive into the fantastic world of the THOMAS SABO Charm Club collection and discover over 600 Charm pendants beautifully crafted from 925 Sterling silver, also available in 18k rose gold plating and 18k yellow gold plating: each of them tells your very own story and represents the perfect keepsake of a special moment of your life that you want to keep close to your heart forever. The Charm Club range includes Charms for any occasion: from wedding to graduation, from baby shower to holiday souvenirs, birthday gifts, love and friendship gifts and much more!

Curate Your Unique Charm Bracelet

Mementos of a mind-blowing holiday deserve a Country Charm: the designs spread international flair and whisk the wearer off to the most beautiful hotspots, cities and landmarks around the globe. Country icons such as the Swedish crisp bread, the glamorous desert camel and the cute Australian koala, the London’s Big Ben, the Big Apple symbol of New York City and the Parisian Tour Eiffel, together with Charms carrying the national colour flags become very personal souvenirs with a huge glamour factor on the arm or neck of any globetrotter - reminder of unforgettable travel moments.

Nature’s lovers are spoilt for choice with the delightful Animal Charm selection available within the THOMAS SABO collection: from sea animals like the sparkly seahorse, the starfish and the orca, in white and black zirconia; to delicate pendants like the butterfly, or the ones depicting domestic animals like the dog and cat Charms, that come in many different versions and designs! For the sweetest types, both adults and kids: the teddy bear Charm will warm anyone’s heart!

Show your Love with a Charm

If you wish to say “I Love you” to your other half, to your Mum, son or daughter, sister or favourite auntie, impress them with a THOMAS SABO Charm and your words will never be forgotten! The carefully detailed Charm pendants with lobster clasp can be attached to decorate both the Charm bracelets in silver and the colourful ones made of stones, not to forget the delicate, candid freshwater pearl charm bracelets: real fashion statements for all Charm Club fans! With Charm Club you can also create love word with the Letter Charms: write the LOVE world or simply wear your loved one's initials on your wrist to keep them always close to your heart!

A Unique Women's Jewellery Experience

Other messages such as “Good luck” - both in form of words and symbolised by the cloverleaf Charm pendant - and “Happy birthday!” are also among the perfect gifts to mark a special occasion: a birthday present or a gesture to celebrate the end of the scholar year, the accomplishment of an important exam, or to give encouragement. Moreover, Charms for a marriage proposal decorated with engagement rings or the birth of a baby are also among the most heart-warming Charms, for presents that will definitely be able to “Charm up your life!”: the occasions for gifting a THOMAS SABO Charm Club Charm pendant are really infinite!

How are THOMAS SABO charms different to beads?

The THOMAS SABO charms are pendants with a lobster clasp, with which they can be hooked onto charm bracelets or charm necklaces. This is how the first THOMAS SABO charm bracelets for women were created.

The beads on the other hand are filigree manufactured pearls, which can be threaded onto bracelets and chains from the Karma Beads collection. With the symbolic design, you can create unique compositions.

Both beads and charms for THOMAS SABO necklaces or bracelets are of high quality and are exquisitely designed. The best way for collectors to store them, is in a jewellery box or case. This way, the jewellery stays free of dust and keeps its glare. At the same time, you can enjoy the view of your lovingly collected ornaments, every time you open your box.