Rose Gold Watches

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The warmth tones and elegance of rose gold watches by THOMAS SABO

With a distinct colour that is warmer than silver yet cooler than yellow gold, rose gold watches by THOMAS SABO look great on all wrists. With their classic and nostalgic elements, such elegant timepieces are simply timeless. With the ability to be executed in the most stylish, discreet or bold of ways, the versatility that rose gold offers, means that these watches can be worn with almost any type of look. THOMAS SABO has stainless steel, leather strap and mesh watches for both him and her that will leave you stunned by the warm blushing hues of rose gold.

Black, white and rose – The versatility of rose gold watches

Don’t be fooled by the term, rose gold is extremely versatile. Just as two tone jewellery offers a fresh and unique look, rose gold watches can be worn in both a feminine and masculine manner. A black and rose gold two tone watch adds a rock ‘n’ roll element to your look, making it the go to colour palette for men with style. For this look, watches such as the ‘Rebel Urban’ and ‘Rebel Icon’ undoubtedly pack a punch when it comes to embodying this masculine look, in true Rebel at heart style. For women with an edgy flare, the ‘Glam Spirit’ mesh watch adds an ultra-stylish, contemporary touch to your looks.
For a more classic and feminine touch, white and rose gold two tone watches such as the ‘Glam Chrono’ watch and the ‘Karma watch’ highlight the beauty of rose gold, the perfect choice for an elegant style.

Trend alert: Layer up

Layering your rose gold watch with one or more bracelets, whether they be quaint and minimal, or big and bold is the latest watch trend. Wearing your rose gold watch with bracelets, add a special look to the wrist, whilst keeping the focus on the watch. This trend also works perfectly with a THOMAS SABO watch and a single Love Bridge bracelet engraved with a special message, for a look that is simple yet sleek at the same time.