Our Favourite Looks

Our Favourite Looks

HERITAGE GLAM - As Seen On Alexandra Duggan (@alexandra.duggan)

HERITAGE GLAM -As seen on Alexandra Duggan (@alexandra.duggan) The THOMAS SABO Heritage Glam collection represents classic beauty and modern style. Each piece is carefully made to blend elegance and modern design. You can find Alexandra wearing the THOMAS SABO Heritage Glam collection – effortlessly stylish. The Heritage Glam collection combines classic beauty with modern style. 

Thomas Sabo Australia

Alexandra wears the THOMAS SABO Heritage Glam collection – effortlessly chic. The Heritage Glam Single Ear Climber With White Zirconia adds brilliance to her look with its delicate curve and radiant and a modern flair to her ensemble. The Heritage Glam Solitaire Ring with Zirconia Stones is a sophisticated statement piece with a timeless allure. The solitary zirconia centrepiece radiates timeless allure. Completing her look, the Heritage Glam Earrings with White Zirconia Stones dangle gracefully, framing Alex's face with sheer glamour.

Thomas Sabo Australia

Each piece, meticulously crafted, transforms Alex into a vision of refined style and grace. A blend of modern charm and classic allure, it's the kind of jewellery that effortlessly transitions from day to night. 


MYSTIC ISLAND - As Seen On Sarah Fahd (@sarahmariefahd)

The THOMAS SABO Mystic Island collection is featured on Sarah Fahd's Instagram. It combines elegance and mystery, drawing inspiration from distant lands and nature. The THOMAS SABO Mystic Island collection is showcased on Sarah Fahd's Instagram. It blends elegance and mystery, taking inspiration from faraway lands and nature. Each piece displays expert craftsmanship and artistic design.

Charms, necklaces, and earrings in the collection are decorated with symbols such as flowers, animals, and celestial elements. This collection promotes self-expression and honors the beauty and magic in each meticulously crafted piece. This collection encourages self-expression and celebrates the beauty and magic in every carefully made piece.

Thomas Sabo Australia

Sarah radiates an aura of grace and undeniable confidence, beautifully accentuated the THOMAS SABO Mystic Island collection. The Iconic Symbols Gold Necklace gracefully drapes around her neck, featuring intricately detailed charms inspired by the allure of exotic locales and the mystical beauty of celestial phenomena, infuse her appearance with an air of enchantment and global sophistication.

The Rotating Gold Coin Ring graces her finger, its captivating design allowing her to carry a touch of the mystical wherever she goes. Completing the ensemble are the Gold Snake Coin Earrings - These earrings, blending traditional motifs with a modern twist, introduce an element of edgy sophistication to her look. Their unique design, featuring the serpentine silhouette, symbolizes wisdom, power, and rebirth, aligning perfectly with the collection's theme of deep symbolism and elegance. Sarah effortlessly embodies the collection's fusion of elegance and symbolism, turning heads as she carries a touch of the enchanting Mystic Island wherever she goes.

Sarah's choice of fine jewelleries from the THOMAS SABO Mystic Island collection effortlessly showcases her personal style while embracing the brand's commitment to luxury, quality, and meaningful design. Each piece of jewellery, from the statement Necklaces to the bold Rings and elegant Earrings, is carefully crafted to stand out, turning heads and sparking conversations about their origin and the stories they tell.

CHARM CLUB - As Seen On Katrina West (@katrinajwest)

THOMAS SABO Charm Club is a captivating collection that allows you to curate your unique story through personalised jewellery. With an extensive array of charms, bracelets, and necklaces, Charm Club offers a platform for self-expression and individuality. Each charm is meticulously crafted, representing a diverse range of symbols, motifs, and materials.

The beauty of the collection lies in its versatility, enabling wearers to create meaningful combinations that resonate with their personal experiences, passions, and memories. Whether commemorating milestones or expressing one's style, THOMAS SABO Charm Club empowers individuals to wear their narratives, fostering a connection between jewellery and the essence of their lives.

The Charm Club collection shines in its versatility and adaptability, inviting enthusiasts to mix and match pieces to create ensembles that resonate with their personal journeys, passions, and cherished milestones. Whether it's commemorating life's significant occasions or accentuating daily wear with a touch of uniqueness, the THOMAS SABO Charm Club empowers you to curate a jewellery collection that's as individual as you are.

Beyond mere adornments, the collection symbolize the wearer's adventures, dreams, and the layers of their personality. From celebratory birthday charms and zodiac sign pendants to heartfelt love tokens and travel-inspired pieces, each selection allows for a deeply personalized storytelling experience. It's not just about creating a style statement but about weaving a narrative that’s intricately linked to the wearer's life and ethos.

In showcasing her curated selections from the Charm Club on Instagram, Katrina West not only highlights her impeccable taste in fashion and accessories but also her appreciation for jewellery that speaks to the soul. By choosing charms that mirror her personal experiences and style, she exemplifies how the THOMAS SABO Charm Club is more than just jewellery—it's a lifestyle, a means of self-expression, and a celebration of individuality and creativity in the bustling world of fashion and accessories.

Want to shop Katrina's look? Featured here is the Member Charm Necklace with Charmista Disc Gold, Charm Pendant Letter K Gold, Charm Pendant Pearl Gold, and the Member Charm Bracelet with Charmista Disc Gold.


Thomas Sabo Australia


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