Tree of Love

Tree of Love

"On the tree of life grow many moments and each of them is precious."

The symbolic meaning of the Tree of Life

Symbol of Fertility, Family, Strength and Growth, Calm and Relaxation, for centuries the Tree of Life has been a highly symbolic design to many cultures and religions around the world. With its deep roots and high branches, it connects Heaven, the Earth and the Underworld, keeping the cosmic order in balance as the axis of the world. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the Isched tree, the Greeks the tree of the Hesperides, and in Islam Tuba is the tree of the heavenly paradise.

Tree of Love

The Tree of Life and the Earth’s connection

The world tree, cosmic tree or tree of knowledge: The Tree of Life has many names and different meanings across the globe. As the connection between Heaven and Earth, the Tree of Life is reflected in buildings such as the Egyptian Obelisk, the Greek column cult and Indian totem poles. The tree even transcends into our traditions, for example with the Christmas tree we put up every year.

THOMAS SABO Tree of Love


Thomas Sabo AustraliaWhether artful pendants or delicate bracelets, jewellery with the Tree of Life motif provides energetic strength, balance and wisdom. Standing for family roots, growth and stability, they also make for beautiful gift ideas for family and friends. In a cut-out design, elaborately layered against shimmering Mother-of-pearl discs and more,the THOMAS SABO Tree of Love is beautifully detailed and holds a powerful meaning, expressed in the language of nature.



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