A tree of life necklace is more than just a piece of jewellery

In line with the belief that each jewellery creation must have a deep meaning behind it, THOMAS SABO has created the Tree of Love range. With an array of expressive and lovingly crafted tree of life necklaces and pendants, the Tree of Love range has the power to enchant, thanks to stunning detailing and symbolic meanings. The Tree of Love jewellery range includes beautiful beaded tree of life necklaces in both rose quartz and jasper. Delicate chain necklaces featuring intricate tree of life pendants, available in 925 Sterling silver or 18k rose gold plating makes this range truly captivating. The Tree of Love jewellery also features miniature Karma Beads pendants, perfect for complementing your Karma Beads bracelet or necklace.

Representing the unbreakable bond to all things around you, the tree of life is a symbol of connection to both humanity and nature. The tree has roots that reach deeply into the soil, connecting it to Mother Earth from which it takes the nourishment. The leaves and branches extend into the sky, accepting the energy radiating from the Sun who transforms the nourishment into vital energy.

The many meanings of the Tree of Love

Mother of pearl and green agate also feature on Tree of Love tree of life pendants, providing a precious setting for the tree and highlighting the perfect detailing of each individual leaf and branch. A tree of love tree of life necklace is the perfect gift for a loved one, most especially for a family member. The tree is a symbol of family and connection to your ancestors, symbolising the generations of your family. From the seed, to the branches, the flowers and finally the fruit: a tree grows and reproduces itself, just like a family.

A tree of life jewellery piece can also be a meaningful present for a young person celebrating an important life milestone, such as coming off age or graduation. The tree of life symbolises the beautiful uniqueness of a person and getting through life just like a tree gets through its life stages and overcomes challenges like strong winds and storms.

As a symbol of rebirth and a fresh start in life, of immortality, growth and strength: the tree of life jewellery in the Tree of Love range features stunning 18k rose gold plated and 925 Sterling silver pieces. Tree of love necklaces and pendants carrying these meanings wait for you to decide on the symbolism that represents you or your loved one at its best.