Gift ideas for School Graduation & Formal Season

Gift ideas for School Graduation & Formal Season

With High School exam season almost over, it is not long until many students will be leaving school and moving on to the next chapter of their lives. Celebrate their graduation with stunning jewellery gifts to say congratulations with, or to celebrate in style at their School Formal with.

Study hard, then party!

Every year, students all over the world take countless exams to graduate so that they can start their working career, explore their love for travel or further themselves with tertiary education.  A graduation cap charm can be a great gift idea (though often more for university graduations) or a 4 leaf clover charm to symbolise good luck on the journey ahead.  

Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo Australia

The Stylish Formal Jewellery

After two years of hard work, it’s no surprise that students want to celebrate the end of an era with a massive party. The final celebration of finishing school is the formal, it's the perfect way to party away the exam stress – and all in style!

As a party to ‘see and be seen at’, it is only right that the dress they have spent months searching for, is complemented with the right accessories. Kill two birds with one stone by presenting them with the perfect piece for both their formal and their graduation.

Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia

Jewellery inspiration

We’ve put together our favourite graduation gifts in the THOMAS SABO 'Graduation Present For Him & Her' list. Scroll through and let yourself be inspired by stunning and statement gift ideas pieces both him and her.

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