Halloween 2019: Spooktacular jewellery

Halloween 2019: Spooktacular jewellery

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of THOMAS SABO and discover unique jewellery for Halloween.

Halloween Origins

The Solemnity of All Saints is celebrated every year from October 31st to November 1st. It is a festival that was first celebrated with the arrival of Irish emigrants in the United States and it eventually evolved into the Halloween we know and love today. In the modern day, Halloween enthusiasts adorn themselves in spooky clothes and children go door-to-door to partake in 'trick or treat'. This tradition goes back to the 9th century when Christians went through the villages begging for soul cakes - a special bread made with sweet and sour currants.

Halloween Karma Beads: Skull & Owl

Get into the Halloween spirit with a diverse selection of iconic karma beads that will look fabulous with your Halloween costume - such as the large skull karma bead made of 925 sterling silver and features a shinny scary skull design. Style this with the sparkling owl bead that is complete with Marcasite pavé and zirconia pavé in champagne and white.

Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia
Statement scary looks with skulls

If you want to amp up the scare factor this Halloween, look no further than THOMAS SABO skulls. The signet ring impresses with its striking rock 'n' roll look and is a piece of jewellery that makes a strong statement when combined with pieces such as the skull bracelet with matt obsidian beads. These makes a particularly casual impact when several are worn stacked together. Be inspired by the variety of our Skull assortment and discover a whole world of new pieces by clicking the 'MORE' button.

Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia

Jewellery as protection

For those on the superstitious side and wanting protection from the ghosts and spirits that are said to be present on Halloween, discover our crosses. The cross-pendant (can be teamed with a choker or necklace),  the black royalty-ring and the cross-shaped earrings are not only stunning, but are said to scare off bad spirits. 

Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia

Halloween Pumpkin - did you know?

According to an Irish legend, it is said that a trickster named Jack Oldfield managed to outsmart the devil and escape death three times. However, when he eventually died of old age, he wasn't allowed to enter heaven nor hell. Out of pity, the devil gave him coal to help him as he navigated in between heaven and hell. Jack stuck the piece of coal in a turnip that he had in his pocket and since then has been said to haunt the earth. Due to this legend, many people used to carve turnip lamps for years to keep the devil away, this was later replaced with pumpkins when the Irish settled in America.

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