Meaningful jewellery for the ones you love

Meaningful jewellery for the ones you love

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Give your heart a treat with our symbolic THOMAS SABO jewellery.

It's not long now until the annual Christmas celebrations begin in many countries: Hardly any event is better to give symbolic jewellery to your loved ones and put a smile on their faces.

Heart Jewellery

The heart is the world's most famous symbol of love, affection and passion.  It's a symbol that expresses emotions and vitality in many cultures. Show your feelings too: with the bi-color locket in rose gold. A filigree pendant with graphic cut-out detailing what is in the midst of the jewel - a small silver heart decorated with a star. It will be even more personal with our vintage medallion. Because this is the motto: Two in one. With this jewellery, you not only open your heart to your love, but even give away one. The delicate locket, including length-adjustable chain, contains memories of loved ones and special moments. In addition, four white diamonds sparkle in the centre of the star. If you want to delve even deeper into the world of the heart, then click through our meaningful heart collection.

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Tree of Love Jewellery

Energetic strength and wisdom for your life and your love symbolises the tree of life: Tree of Love. With these accessories you give away pure joie de vivre, positive energy and vitality. The tree of life gives the owner inner strength, balance, but also growth and stability. With the filigree hand-crafted cut-out design you promise the gifted person a happy future ... with you! A gift that is especially appreciated by women. If you want to complete the entire love package perfectly, then you can give your loved one or yourself (depending on the) the right counterpart: a 'Tree of Love' signet ring - a masterpiece of the highest silversmithing. The iconic companion works through its fine engraving lines, as well as through the powerful tendril ornamentation of the tree, contrasting and mystical. A talisman that gives you happiness in life and in love.

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Infinity of Love

The 'Infinity of Love' series symbolises the infinite love with the filigree infinity symbol. You'll sparkle with the white zirconia pavé pendant, which you can also hang on the chain. In addition, the THOMAS SABO range also offers a bracelet from the 'Little Secret' collection. It is an individual-size-adjustable wish bracelet that can be combined in many ways and guarantees a distinctive style - see for yourself, in our online shop or in one of our stores near you.

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