Hoop Earrings: Why the oversized earrings are the jewellery trend of 2019

Hoop Earrings: Why the oversized earrings are the jewellery trend of 2019

This year the trend is easy breezy light outfits paired with statement jewellery. Learn all about why you should be embracing this trend with hoop earrings this season.

THE ear jewellery trend of 2019 are…hoop earrings! As early as the end of 2018 it became apparent that hoops and XXL hoops in particular were going to make a comeback as they were seen all over the catwalks of London and New York’s Fashion Week.

A piercing trend of 2019

Thomas Sabo AustraliaSeen on celebs and influencers alike, the multiple piercing trend allows one to wear different sized and coloured hoops in a single ear! With this trend, you can let your creativity run wild and put your ears in the limelight.

Leek hair and big hoops

Thomas Sabo AustraliaAlthough fashion influencers started paving the way for the minimalist hoop trend in early 2018, the current trend leans towards bigger and more uniquely shaped hoops. Other popular designs are mini hoops with pendants that are suitable for both women and men and look amazing with back hair such as a bun or behind the ears.

Engraved hoops

Fun fact: Did you know that originally, pirates wore hoops with their initials engraved in them so that they could be easily identified after a shipwreck?

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