Little Secrets: The perfect thank you gift

Little Secrets: The perfect thank you gift

Psst, we'll tell you a little secret: these bracelets are the best present to say thank you.  Just something small to show your appreciation. 

Everyone has one or more secrets that they either keeps to themselves or share with someone they really trust. Sometimes this is your best friend or maybe a close family member.

Thomas Sabo AustraliaOften in close friendships, secrets are kept within the friendship circle.  This can increase trust and respect for each other. So if you communicate and experience that the trusted secret was kept, you can look forward to the ultimate proof of friendship: Loyalty. Also, many people find it easier to entrust a big secret to someone, and in some cases, you may even find understanding in one's friend, and perhaps even some good advice. If you feel the need to thank your friend for their discretion, then you should read on!

A symbol of friendship

Thomas Sabo AustraliaTHOMAS SABO has designed jewellery called 'Little Secrets', which not only symbolises your friendship with each other, but also what connects you: trust, love and, of course, secrets. No accessory is better connected to each other than identical or similar friendship bracelets, such as the abalone compass or heart little secrets bracelets.

Versatile bracelets

The fine, hand-knotted textile bracelets are ideal for versatile mix and match outfits and surprises with features such as a stylised compass wind rose, as a coin pendant. A compass rose can be used for orientation on geographic maps and indicate the north direction. In your case, it should lead them both to the same pledge and goal - hand in hand, you can master everything together in life. The individually, size-adjustable wish bracelets fascinate with a heart pendant that you can always personalise with engraving. 

Friendship Anklets

Thomas Sabo AustraliaIf you want to make sure that your fellow human beings do not hear about your little jewellery secret, then you can give a gift that does not catch your eye immediately, but is still a fashion highlight: an Anklet. The Infinity Band on an Anklet stands for endlessness: a friendship and love that will last forever - as well as trusting each other. And as you move forward into the future together, Fatima's hand takes care of them - a symbol universally considered the most protective and effective defence against evil.

Note: The bracelets can be worn as anklets and vice versa.

Bracelet and anklet

If you want to equip yourself with friendship bracelets and anklets in order to celebrate your loyalty, trust and discretion, then visit us in the online shop or in one of our stores near you, which you simply over can locate our shop finder. 

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