The anchor: A jewel as a symbol of love

The anchor: A jewel as a symbol of love

Just like a sailor, in life, we are always trying to do the right thing. When the tough gets going, we throw our problems overboard and try to reset the sails, just like a captain would.

No matter how stormy things may get, we all have our own personal anchors to keep us grounded, whether family, a partner, friends, hobbies or even shopping! The anchor symbolises these important pieces of the puzzle that hold us together.

In safe hands

Thomas Sabo AustraliaWhether in the harbour or in the open sea, the anchor ensures the stability of the ship, making it an essential for the safety of the crew and passengers. Just like ships, carrying around the anchor symbol makes the wearer feel safe.

The anchor in mythology and religion

Thomas Sabo AustraliaVisually, the anchor resembles a mix of a cross and a trident - a powerful weapon of the sea gods Neptune and Poseidon in Roman and Greek mythology. In Christianity, the anchor symbolises the love of God in life even when things are hard.

The anchor’s symbolism

Thomas Sabo AustraliaAs a symbol of love, the anchor symbolises the deep emotions. It also stands for family ties: the home is a place that provides shelter, support and security, thus acting like an anchor for many. However, the anchor can mean the exact opposite depending on who looks at it. Just like those at sea, the anchor can give some a thirst for adventure and the feeling of freedom.

The anchor in fashion and tattoos

The anchor is known for being one of the first modern day tattoo motifs. In particular, sailors got the symbol tattooed onto them as they crossed the Atlantic. In recent years, the anchor has become a popular fashion statement especially in jewellery, which is due to its strong symbolism and its timeless yet expressive form.

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