Rings: What style do you prefer?

Rings: What style do you prefer?

Let yourself be captivated by the enchanting rings of the THOMAS SABO jewellery collection. Find out which ring best suits you by learning all about the different styles and designs available.

For many people, a ring is not just a ring.  They are a piece of jewellery worn as a fashion statement or often a symbol of love. If you look for a ring yourself at the jeweller or if you want to a ring as a gift, then most of you will have to deal with the question: which model suits me or the person I want to give it to? In order to make a choice better, we will introduce you to different rings and explain to you the advantages of each style. Read on and find out more ...

Solitaire rings

Solitaire rings are often worn as engagement rings and have long been regarded as a jewellery classic. Solitaire rings are often available as a ring band, which can be wide or narrow, and with a diamond held by three to six prongs. The advantage of this simple style is that nothing obscures the diamond and that light can highlight the luminosity in the stone in the best possible way.  The stone in solitaire rings comes almost lots of different stones and cuts. Solitaire rings being adorned only with a one stone (often a diamond) is apparent from the name of the ring, which is derived from the French. Solitaire comes from the word 'solitaire', which translates as a loner. The single stone symbolises the only true love in life. The THOMAS SABO solitaire rings are the epitome of elegance and a romantic proof of love - see for yourself!

Note: If you decide on a narrow ring band, then you can wear the solitaire ring optimally as a preform ring after the wedding ceremony.

Eternity Rings

Thomas Sabo AustraliaThe Eternity Ring is a ring band that is studded with diamonds throughout, and many know it as an infinity ring - and it symbolises the eternity of a relationship. This is a piece of jewellery in which many gems are strung together. So there is no beginning and no end. Every stone should symbolise an important life event, such as a wedding or a birth. However, this has not always been the case: even in ancient Egypt (2nd century BC), the Infinity Ring was given away, with the difference that the ring initially only had three to five diamonds. The ring has always been supplemented with another stone when another important event has occurred - until the circle has been closed. The THOMAS SABO range also has commemorative rings, so if you're planning an engagement soon, or are already preparing for the wedding, why not pick one of our eternity / infinity rings?

Signet Rings for both Men & Women

Thomas Sabo AustraliaEspecially throughout history and during the Middle Ages, the seal ring with seal stamp was considered a status and power symbol of the upper class. The ring has been used to seal envelopes with hot wax, displaying identifying features such as coats of arms or emblems. Over the years, however, the ring has lost this function. Meanwhile, many people - with their own school or family crest - proudly bear him in memory of their own history. And even without a personal symbol, the expressive signet ring is a popular style for men and women.

Other Ring Styles

Of course, THOMAS SABO has other rings that you can enjoy: such as the golden cat ears ring, the coloured 'Magic Stones' ring, the hand-crafted ladies ring with octagon cut, the parrot ring with three-dimensional design perfection and many other gems that skilfully put your fingers in the limelight. All designs are unique in their own way, fascinating, modern or classic, but most of all jewellery that perfectly reflects your personality down to the smallest detail.

Thomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo Australia

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