Scarab: inspired jewellery from the Ancient Egyptians

Scarab: inspired jewellery from the Ancient Egyptians

Learn why the Scarab was so important to Ancient Egyptians and indulge in the Scarab's energy - it will get you on the right path to life.

In ancient Egypt, the scarab was very important and was buried with mummies: The scarab was an amulet or lucky charm placed on the heart to protect it on its journey to the afterlife. The heart was the only organ left in a body when it was mummified. This was because it was believed that the heart stored the thoughts and memories of an individual that would be needed in the afterlife.

The meaning of Scarab

Thomas Sabo AustraliaScarab beetles are a guide of the cosmic universe, teaching us about the elements of creative forces.  The Scarab is a symbol of eternity itself.  It appears to show you a crossroad, you have the choice of continuing on the same path or change path to a new awakening and enlightenment of the cosmic elements and forces. 

Scarab as good luck charm

The scarab bug symbolised the restoration of life. In Ancient Egypt, the scarab was a popular design for good luck charms, for seals used to stamp documents, and for jewellery made from clay or precious gems. ... Green was the symbol for growth.

Happiness in life

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Thomas Sabo Australia  Thomas Sabo Australia

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