The snake: Jewellery you won’t want to shed this spring

The snake: Jewellery you won’t want to shed this spring

Be fascinated by the wisdom and persuasion of this iconic reptile and decorate yourself with snake jewellery that wrap you up in a mystical aura.

The snake has had a famously bad reputation for generations. It is seen as the reason Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden, when it seduced the couple to eat the forbidden apple and since then has scared humans due to its predatory nature. This prejudice has continued throughout the years, however in other religions, the serpent is a sacred being that stands as a symbol for wisdom and fertility. Inspired by this way of thinking, the THOMAS SABO designers have created snake pieces that mimic the positive attributes of the snake.

Thomas Sabo AustraliaSnake Rings

Discover snake rings that wrap themselves around the fingers of the wearer in an alluring manner.  Choose from statement snake rings that continue down your finger or subtler rings where the snake only wrap around once. 

"Look into my eyes, when I talk to you, in both eyes!"
Kaa - The Jungle Book


Thomas Sabo AustraliaSnake Pendants

Just like Kaa in The Jungle Book pointed out, the eyes are a prominent component for effective communication. The elaborately crafted eyes on the snake pendants are made of zirconia and ceramic stones to create a hypnotic effect. Hang this pendant to the chain of your choice and lure others into you thanks to the statement look of the snake.


Thomas Sabo AustraliaSnake Earrings

Sssssso beautiful: Hear these words whispered when you wear the snake earrings and studs. These jewels elegantly adorn the ear thanks to their intricate detailing and sparkling elements.  Some snake earrings are designed to be worn as part of a traditional pair and some are designed following the single earring trend. Single earrings bring a major fashion statement to your overall outfit and face. 



Snake Charms & Beads

The artistic snake charms & beads seduce every wearer in a serpentine manner. The snake charms and beads elegantly sit on both necklaces and bracelets.

Snake bangles & bracelets

Make a statement with the tropically mystical snake bangle, put together with impeccable craftsmanship and filigree elements. The colourful interplay of green and turquoise draw all eyes to the bracelet and in turn, you. A similar effect can be achieved with the Kathmandu and charm bracelet, as their unique designs draw attention to your wrists thanks to their mysterious flair. 

Get your snake jewellery now

If you have a passion for this intelligent animal and want to discover more snake jewellery available, simply shop snake jewellery online and visit us in your nearest store using the Shop Finder. Don't forget to share your looks with us on Instagram by tagging @thomassaboau in your picture.

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