Magic Stones: magical colour experience with the new THOMAS SABO collection

Magic Stones: magical colour experience with the new THOMAS SABO collection

Cosmos, happiness and mystical symbols are combined in this year's THOMAS SABO Autumn / Winter selection to create an exciting color spectacle. See for yourself!

With our Magic Stones, THOMAS SABO has created unique designs in which every piece of jewellery has its own highlights: be it detailed centrepiece pendants with symbols of luck, playful gilded scarab motifs or filigree star details - this fabulous variety makes jewellery dreams come true for every personality.

Magic White

Thomas Sabo AustraliaThe zirconia stones from the 'Magic White' series have the effect of a crystalline layer of ice: our designers have reinterpreted vintage-inspired classics and set them in white sparkling stones - jewellery that creates shimmering accents. Above all, accessories with baguette cuts of different sizes are very elegant with the graphic-inspired look. With these minimalist pieces of jewellery you set an Edgy statement that will surely impress your fellow human beings.

Magic Black

Thomas Sabo AustraliaOur 'Magic Black' jewels are accessories that express confidence, strength, power and elegance. Many stones, such as the black onyx or zirconia, are hand-cut and fit through the filigree design to any outfit. The stone setting is simple, so that the effects of the stones on a long silver element come into their own and inspire with the magical association of the night sky.

Magic Colour

Thomas Sabo AustraliaThe THOMAS SABO series 'Magic Colours' is the result of colourful creations: rich jewel colours, classic shapes, settings and cuts of the stones alternate with filigree star motifs, underscoring the significance of the jewel as a guide in life.


Our new global Ambassador, the British singer Rita Ora, presents the new THOMAS SABO collection since the beginning of July. Already at the beginning of the cooperation, the 28-year-old explained why working with us is a matter of the heart:

My THOMAS SABO campaign is intended to convey the special power of jewellery and women to Personal looks full of vitality.

If you also feel the special power and want to discover more 'Magic Stone' accessories, then visit our store or the online shop!


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