Magic Stars: Reach for the stars with THOMAS SABO

Magic Stars: Reach for the stars with THOMAS SABO

Just as a star in the sky, you too can shine like the self-luminous celestial bodies thanks to the new Magic Stars series.

Astrologists like Susan Miller are said to be able to determine the best possible outcome, opportunities and timings for individuals thanks to the stars. This belief that our destinies are “written in the stars” has lead astrologists to study the stars cycles that they believe can be used to predict things like opportunities, happiness in life and much more. However, even some astrologists believe that it is limited and that ultimately one’s future depends on themselves getting the most out of life!

The THOMAS SABO designers have created star-like symbols crafted from 925 Sterling silver and zirconia pavé that combine the magical spirit of an asteroid to create beautiful pieces of jewellery. The silver heart pendant with a star motif and the equally dazzling Magic Stars bracelet with adjustable chain gives a magical feel to looks and is the perfect accessory not only for party season but for everyday looks.

Thomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo Australia

If you look at the sky at night,
it will be to you as if all the stars were laughing because I live on one of them,
because I laugh on one of them.
You alone will have stars that can laugh.

*The Little Prince

The Magic of Rita Ora meets the Magic of Jewellery!

Reach for the stars!

Carry a positive reminder with you to live life to the fullest with timeless THOMAS SABO rings and necklaces. These jewels are symbols that all carry individual meaning. Whether you need motivation in your career or your love life, remembering the symbolism of the star decorated jewellery can help you when reaching for the stars and can remind you that even the sky isn’t the limit! The double-row necklace and sterling silver Y chain have a magical and cosmic charisma, which is particularly effective with its many hand-set and polished zirconia stones.

Thomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo Australia

Magic Stars: Positivity

The earrings and ear studs of the THOMAS SABO Magic Stars series invoke positivity into one’s life. Whether it’s gilded ear studs with zirconia stars, dreamy, elegant and cosmic-inspired earrings or crescent-shaped plugs, these jewels are not only influenced by the cosmos, but represent overcoming obstacles in life.

Thomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo Australia

Time with the stars

The astro THOMAS SABO watches fascinate with their 3D detailing, dark blue dials, graphic imprints, patterns, and its layered structure for added depth. Detailing such as little stars, Roman numerals and millennia-old zodiac signs enhance the collection of watches, which are made even better thanks to the interchangeable straps available. With additional compass detailing that’s said to guide the wearer in life, it is clear to see that these watches are much more than just timepieces. Move with the beat of the times and step closer to the stars and thus your dreams.

Thomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo AustraliaThomas Sabo Australia

Browse the Magic Stars Jewellery online or at your local THOMAS SABO stockist.

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