Lockets: Keep your loved ones close to your heart

Lockets: Keep your loved ones close to your heart

Lockets skilfully combine both style and keeping loved ones with you always. 

Nostalgic lockets

Our jewellery designers have added a person touch to beautiful necklaces, designed to keep your loved ones photos.  The idea is to keep them close to your heart - at the same time protecting your precious memories..

From the 19th century onward, people wore length-adjustable chains with lockets made of precious metals, ivory, boxwood and many other materials.  Today, the locket jewellery trend is still very popular. THOMAS SABO was inspired by it and designed lockets that partially combine three components: gemstones, style and love.

Heart lockets

Thomas Sabo AustraliaToday, often miniature images are hidden in lockets, but that has not always been the case. In the past, people would also put a lock of hair from their child or their partner into the locket. 

As with our 'Open Your Heart' jewellery: the lockets with sophisticated filigree lace look give an idea of ​​what's inside. A small heart with 18k rose gold plating makes the 925 Sterling silver pendant "heart medallion" a special gift.

Classic style lockets

Thomas Sabo AustraliaFor those who like it very classic, there are, of course, two special lockets that you will certainly like very much: the dove and Tree of Love amulet. The wings of the Peace Dove are decorated with three white diamonds and stand as a symbol of inner strength. Whereas the Tree of Life motif should give inner strength and balance. Both pieces of jewellery are vintage-inspired accessories.

Let yourself be inspired

If you love our locket collection and want to keep the person closes to you near your heart in a decorative and stylish way, then checkout our lockets online. Or find your nearest store with our shop finder.

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