Inspiration - Dreamcatcher

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Capture your dreams with the THOMAS SABO ethereal Dreamcatcher jewellery range

Inspired by Native American Indian cultures, the Dreamcatcher jewellery range represents a fresh, bohemian-chic addition to the THOMAS SABO world. In line with ancient beliefs, it also introduces a strong symbolism whose power is intended to protect the wearer and ensure sweet dreams! With a wide selection of pieces ranging from statement necklaces and vibrant Love Bridge bracelets, to unique and bold rings, delicate and refined earrings, pendants and Karma Beads: the Dreamcatcher jewellery range includes an array of versatile, easy to wear pieces, perfect to be mixed and matched with items from the other THOMAS SABO ranges.

Dreamcatcher jewellery: the inspiration

Indian Natives believed the night air was filled with good and bad dreams. The role of the dreamcatcher is to capture the bad spirits and filter them protecting us from evil and only letting the good dreams come through the structure of the amulet: it is believed that each carefully woven web will catch bad spirit dreams in the web and disappear by perishing with the first ray of sun in the morning, while the good spirit dreams will float down the sacred feather.

Boho jewellery for your festival outfits!

This ancient legend explains the structure of the THOMAS SABO Dreamcatcher jewellery: an intricate filigree centre where the vibrant imitation turquoise stone and dazzling white zirconia are used in each web to represent the mix of earth and sky to attract good spirits. Delicate and ultra-detailed 925 Sterling silver feathers dang from the ends, donating a touch of hippie-chic appeal: boho jewellery that is perfect to wear with any summer outfit and make you stand out from the crowd at the best festivals.

Highlights of the Dreamcatcher jewellery range

The beautiful dreamcatcher ring with a woven net of tribal patterns which is centred by the intensely radiant turquoise stone is thought to protect the wearer from all evil. Another main item of the collection – a must-have for all fashionistas! – is the unique nail ring which sits at the tip of the finger and is adorned with abstract patterns and designs.

The boho choker necklace is a statement piece embellished with imitation turquoise stones with beautifully crafted feathers loosely dangling off the chain: a definite eye-catcher for any summer outfit. Choose from a selection of bracelets including the tribal Sterling Silver bangle or the powerful Love Bridge eagle linked to a beaded chain created from imitation turquoise, white agate and tiger’s eye: wear them stacked up for a real bohemian look.