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Frequently Asked Questions

While hoop earrings, pearl necklaces, tennis bracelets, and gold bangles are widely admired jewellery styles, the true measure of popularity lies in individual preference. Choosing a piece of jewellery that holds personal significance and mirrors your unique personality guarantees lasting admiration. Make a selection that resonates with you at THOMAS SABO, ensuring a cherished accessory that stands the test of time.

You can determine your ring size with a soft measuring tape or piece of ribbon.

To measure, place the measuring tape (or ribbon) around your finger and mark the end. Using a ruler, measure the marked cord to get your ring size. If your finger size is between two sizes, choose the next size up.

THOMAS SABO ring sizes are measured in millimetres. For example a size 44 is 44mm in circumference.

For further help, you can refer to our Ring Size Guide here.

Choose the engravable product of your choice. All engravable pieces can found in the Engraving Collection.

Once you have chose your product & selected your preferred colour and size, click on the 'ADD COMPLIMENTARY ENGRAVING' button. This allows you to choose from a diverse range of engraving suggestions - your own words, symbols or a combination of both - there is something to suit all.

Please note: there will be a limit to the number of characters depending on character type and jewellery piece.

THOMAS SABO's unisex collection, Rebel at Heart, offers a diverse range of jewellery suitable for all genders. Featuring necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings, this collection provides stylish options crafted in both silver and gold. With its edgy yet timeless designs, Rebel at Heart appeals to individuals seeking versatile accessories that effortlessly complement any wardrobe, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate gender-neutral fashion.

Have trouble picturing how the length of a necklace will sit on you?  Here's how the varying necklace lengths will hang on your neck:

42 cm Necklace
A 42cm length necklace fits like a choker, sitting closely around the neck. Choker necklaces are great with clothing designed with higher necklines. 

45 cm Necklace
45 cms is a common choice for women's necklace lengths. It will fall just below the throat and sit at the collarbone. This length necklace is popular for adding pendants which will hang over a top with a high neckline.

50 cm Necklace
A 50 cm necklace will fall below the collarbone. A necklace this length is perfect for a low, plunging neckline or if you want to wear it over a turtleneck top.

53 cm Necklace
53 cm necklaces sit at or above a low neckline.

60 cm Necklace
A 60 cm necklace falls below any neckline, but above the bust line.

80 cm Necklace
80 cm chains fall below any neckline and sit on the bust to a little below.

85 cm Necklace
80 cm necklaces fall below your neckline and sit a little below your bust line. This length can be worn as a single chain or sometimes it is worn doubled over with a choker style & mid-length necklace layered look.

90 cm Necklace
90 cms is a common necklace length with pearls or other hanging chains. It will hang well below the bust. This length can be worn as a single chain or doubled over for two 45 cm necklaces with a layered look.

100 cm Necklace
100 cms necklace hangs quite long almost down to the waist. This length can be worn as a single chain or doubled over for two 50 cm necklaces with a layered look.


Summer has only really arrived when you are wearing sunglasses. On the one hand they protect our eyes from harmful Australian sun's UV radiation, on the other hand they count as one of the most popular fashion statements and refine casual outfits. This is why the international jewellery and watch brand THOMAS SABO is now for the first time also using its unmistakable DNA in its own expressive sunglasses line. Inspired by timelessly cool retro sunglasses styles, such as Pilot sunglasses or Panto glasses, THOMAS SABO also focuses on an expressive design language. Accordingly, neither the absolute classic of the 50s - the round sunglasses - nor the current en-vogue trapeze shape is be missing from the collection.


The great acting legends of old Hollywood captivated not only with their unprecedented acting talent, but also with their unmistakable charisma, often characterised by a certain aloofness. A fashion accessory that was regularly seen in the iconic photos of these Hollywood legends was sunglasses.

Mirrored sunglasses hide the eyes, marking our eyes unreadable for people around us. That makes us look daring and mysterious. A stylistic tactic that celebrities still like to use today. This is what the American actor Jack Nicholson, known for films such as "The Shining", once said: "With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm just a fat sixty-year-old." When we wear sunglasses, we simply feel more self-confident, daring and rebellious.

Trend tip: Mirrored sunglasses with a metallic sheen have a particularly cool effect.


The new THOMAS SABO Sunglasses Collection comprises 16 sunglasses models in 48 colours. These 48 sunglasses are divided into six lines: HARRISON, JOHNNY, JAMES, MARLON, ROMY and MIA. Inspired by retro sunglasses styles, THOMAS SABO focuses on self-confident oversized styles, extraordinary all-one-colour looks and colour nuances inspired by gemstones such as rose quartz, mother-of-pearl and smoky quartz. Each pair of glasses is characterised by high manufacturing quality, superior comfort from acetate edging of the temple ends, high-quality - partly mirrored - lenses as well as special finishing for iconic details. Each pair of THOMAS SABO sunglasses also comes with an elegant sunglasses case. And you'll never leave your sunglasses behind with the classic sunglasses chains.


There are many sunglasses trends. Irrespective of trends, you should choose sunglasses firstly that you feel comfortable in; and secondly that fit the shape of your face. Of course, every face is unique and beautiful in its own individual way. However, there are a few small rules you can follow to find glasses that ideally emphasise your best features. The basic rule applies: sunglasses look particularly good on your face when they contrast with your facial features.

In other words, if you have a rounded face, angular glasses will positively emphasise it. People with angular faces can give their face softer features with the help of rounded sunglasses. If you feel like it, shake it up, break these rules radically. Because after all: Fashion should be fun! This particularly applies to sunglasses. They stand for summer and joy in life like almost no other fashion accessory.


A golden, beautifully gleaming frame, warm gradient lenses and a special sense of iconic detail: THOMAS SABO sunglasses promise a summer full of intensity. In addition to lenses that conjure up sunsets in the sky, you will also find the well-known design codes of the THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver Jewellery Collection. Famous motifs such as the skull, the cross or the dragon-fly enhance some sunglasses models. Also graphic embossing and reliefs, vintage decorations and sophisticated 3D styles and hinges.