At THOMAS SABO, we pride ourselves for lifestyle products of the highest quality and innovative design. For us to continue providing you with the very best quality, we kindly request that you adhere to certain criteria when purchasing our products online.

  • You should only purchase genuine THOMAS SABO products via our company website at ( for outside of Australia or New Zealand) OR
  • from our official online partners. The “Shop Finder” section of our Website provides information on our official points-of-sale. Our authorised partners are clearly identified by direct links to their respective online shops.

Unfortunately, Thomas Sabo products are frequently featured by dishonest Internet dealers on dubious Websites offering counterfeit goods. To this end, these Websites frequently resemble our official THOMAS SABO Website and even feature our logo and/or name in their website address to deceive consumers into believing they are genuine. Nevertheless, they have nothing to do with our company.

Some key signs of fraudulent websites are:

  • extreme price reductions and from the Australian RRP
  • no contact address
  • no contact phone number
  • no contact email address
  • grammatical and spelling errors and poor translations
  • lack of correct brand identity information
  • websites not looking 100% finished
  • lack of localisation to Australia, for example delivery information specific to Australia

As a company, we are actively fighting these dishonest Internet dealers, working in close collaboration with international customs to uncover and immediately confiscate counterfeits. These measures are designed to protect our customers as the counterfeit goods are cheaply-made plagiarisms, produced without any quality checks and which frequently result in harmful side effects.

If you have purchased from a fraudulent website please:

  • try to reach out to the company you have purchased from
  • contact us with the website address so we can confirm if it's a fraudulent site or not & get our global legal team involved if necessary
  • contact your bank or payment provider to cancel the transaction