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Stop the show with skull jewellery and statement pieces

What makes Style Icon? Undeniable statement jewellery such as skull jewellery, dragon pendants, and the fleur-de-lis have cemented their place as staples of iconic fashion all over world. With big bold designs crafted from 925 sterling silver available in either plated 18k rose gold and yellow gold, or solid gold pieces from the Fine Jewellery collection, the THOMAS SABO most iconic designs have been transformed into show stopping jewellery that your outfits need. With beautiful stones, dazzling diamonds and intricate detailing that no one can resist, the Style Icons will have you turning heads wherever you go.

Discover bold talismans to keep you in company and in style

Everyone needs the perfect companion and the THOMAS SABO Style Icons selection is made up of stunningly beautiful designs, crafted with the highest levels of attention to detail. The powerful and strong dragon pendant in blackened silver, the luxurious falcon ring and the richly decorated 18k rose gold plated elephant pendant, as well as many different skull jewellery designs are companions that come with beautiful stories of protection, freedom and strength. The perfect way to push your personality out into the world, these iconic talismans will lend power to its wearer in both mind and style. Want to show off your edgy and rebellious side? Or perhaps you’re in need of a loyal companion? The magnificently decorated animal pendants, rings, Karma Wheels and skull jewellery pieces will give you all you need when it comes to aiding your individual style.

A THOMAS SABO trademark: part of the Karma Beads range, the Karma Wheel represents the motto “What goes around comes around” and is an elegant yet statement jewellery piece bringing positive energy to the wearer… along with instant extra style kudos!

Match simple outfits with statement jewellery

The THOMAS SABO Style Icons do much more than just adding the final touches to your outfit, they elevate them in a way like no other. From skull jewellery to dragon’s pieces in the THOMAS SABO Style Icons selection are expressive enough to be able to stand alone with simple and sleek outfits, making your jewellery the centre of attention. Push the boat out with a rebellious look, by matching a black ensemble with bold skull jewellery from the Rebel at heart, whilst a simple yet elegant white, nude or pastel dress combined with a Chakra pendant will effortlessly complete your look on a night out!