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Bold and fiery - Discover THOMAS SABO yellow gold watches

With a distinct bold colour that looks great shining bright on both men’s and women’s wrists, the gold watch trend is back and it’s bigger than ever! Since 2009, THOMAS SABO introduced sleek and trendy watches to the brand and with this, the classic gold watch was given a revamp in the process. With a timepiece that perfectly matches your look, these gold coloured watches come in a range of different styles to suit all tastes. From sophisticated chronographs to chic mesh metal strap watches, these timepieces are not only packed to the brim with style, but also have quality as core, thanks to their Japanese-made mechanism. From the ‘Soul’ to the ‘Rebel Race’ these watches are a must have for all fashionista’s that take pride in quality fashion pieces.

The rebirth of the all yellow gold watch

The all yellow gold watch, available in a clean and minimal, or a beautiful dazzling design, showcases many different aspects of the wearer. Originally symbolising achievement and success, the revamp of the gold watch by THOMAS SABO also symbolises an unrivalled confidence and personality due to its radiant colour. With watches like the all gold ‘Rebel Spirit’ mesh watch from the Rebel at heart collection, and the ‘Glam Chrono’ watch from the Glam & Soul collection, now is the perfect time to reclaim the all gold watch as a wardrobe staple.

Let the accents do the talking

If you love mixing and matching yellow gold with other colours, the Milanese strap ‘Rebel Spirit’, as well as other various two tone watches, offer a toned down chic alternative to the solid yellow gold watch, and adds a pop of colour to your looks. The combination of coloured watches with yellow gold accents, such as a cool navy or a sleek black, make for a perfectly classy colour combination. For a truly unique style, the ‘Glam Spirit’ two tone gold watch with its regally coloured blue and green sunray dials, add a distinct look to the classic gold watch, that everyone can rock!