Rings - Men (11)

Ring "Crown"
From $449.00 AUD
Ring "Black Studs"
From $329.00 AUD
Ring "Ethnic Skulls Blue"
$449.00 AUD
Ring "Studs"
From $99.00 AUD
Ring "Lily Skull"
From $499.00 AUD
Ring "Ethnic"
From $299.00 AUD
Ring "Maori Skull"
From $749.00 AUD
Ring "Skull Love, Faith, Hope"
From $269.00 AUD
Ring "Hieroglyphs Ornamentation"
From $249.00 AUD
Ring "Talon"
From $399.00 AUD
Multiple Ring "Faith, Love, Hope"
From $249.00 AUD

Trend tip: signet rings

The distinctive Rebel at heart DNA, the traditional symbolism of the signet ring and vintage style codes are the inspiration for the expressive THOMAS SABO signet rings. Precision handcrafted to the highest level and decorated with iconic design codes, each signet ring of blackened 925 Sterling silver and worked with precious stones is a statement in itself. Combining with other rings creates a casual Boho look for him.