Polarised Sunglasses

Sunglasses "Harrison" Ethnic Polarised Pilot
$199.50 AUD $399.00


For the first time ever, THOMAS SABO offers sunglasses with integrated polarising filter lenses that minimise or almost completely absorb light reflections.

Disturbing reflections are especially noticeable when the suns rays hit on reflective surfaces. It is light that is steered in a different direction when it encounters water, snow or a paved road and is thereby polarised. Polarising filters are implemented in order to avoid an unpleasant or even dangerous glare, especially when driving, skiing or doing other outdoor activities. This sunglasses function is in fact especially popular among sailors, anglers and water sports enthusiasts: the polarising light is not only filtered, but also provides stronger contrasts, more intense colours and a glare-free vision.

In the long term, severe reflections can significantly damage your eyesight and can also cause severe fatigue. In order to offer you not only stylish sunglasses, but also to ensure a high level of wearing comfort, we have now also equipped selected THOMAS SABO Sunglasses models with a polarisation filter.

Distinct Sunglasses DNA

Some of the striking design codes in the Sterling Silver jewellery collection enhance all THOMAS SABO sunglass models: well-known motifs such as skulls, crosses, the Bourbon lily, graphic embossing, reliefs, vintage ornaments, sophisticated 3-D styling and hinges complete the unmistakable DNA of our eyewear line.

THOMAS SABO sunglasses cases

In addition, receive a complimentary sunglasses case in beige or black leather with the purchase a pair of sunglasses, which include colour matching glasses cleaning cloths, as well as a small cleaning spray. In this way, your new THOMAS SABO sunglasses are stored scratch-proof and ready to be cleaned at any time.