Mens Sunglasses



Cool combined with a leather jacket or casual with jeans and t-shirt, men’s sunglasses give any look that certain je ne sais quoi. This is why the international jewellery and watch brand THOMAS SABO is now also using its unmistakable DNA in its own Eyewear Collection. THOMAS SABO's men's sunglasses are distinguished by their unique designs, pleasant wearing comfort and high manufacturing quality.

The Sunglasses Collection comprises a total of 16 sunglasses models, which can be worn even more individually with classic eyewear chains. There are six principal lines: HARRISON, JOHNNY, JAMES, MARLON, and ROMY each inspired by retro eyewear types such as Pilot, Panto or square and round shape. The sunglasses are available in 48 colours and captivate with details in well-known THOMAS SABO motifs such as the skull, the cross or the lily.

Men like things practical. The Pilot sunglasses are an all-rounder!

Originally designed for pilots, they have long since become a classic among sunglasses. Because hardly any other fashion accessory can be combined as easily as Pilot sunglasses! The all-rounder among glasses suits almost any outfit and any type of man. Whether you are on your way to a business appointment in a chic suit or walking along a beach promenade in shorts and T-shirt. Pilot sunglasses enhance your look! Tip: With mirrored lenses, these men's sunglasses give their wearers a mysterious and cool aura.

As functional as they are stylish. This is what THOMAS SABO sunglasses for men can do!

Sunglasses have many functional properties. With the right lenses, they can replace vision glasses. They also protect against harmful UV radiation and makes it easier for the wearer to see in bright light conditions. It is therefore essential to wear sunglasses in some situations. When hiking in the mountains, for example, the sunlight is reflected off the snow-covered peaks, creating particularly bright reflections. Sunglasses should also be packed for longer car journeys. If there are rain showers followed by sunshine, the wet road reflects the sunlight and provides poor visibility.

It is important that the men's sunglasses of your choice reliably protect your eyes from direct contact with the sun's rays. Because this can lead to damage to the retina and long-term impairment of vision when your eyes are exposed to strong radiation. However, sunglasses should never obscure your vision too much, so that you can wear them without thinking when driving.

Dressed well with stylish men's sunglasses for any occasion

The times when sunglasses could only be seen on the beach or during sports are over. Sunglasses have established themselves and become socially acceptable. Whether a tough businessman, a loving family man or a creative lifestyle artist - they all like to use men's sunglasses to refine their outfits.

Because: It is simple! You can't go wrong with classic sunglasses and muted colours. They can be easily and super quickly combined, protect your eyes from damage by the sun’s rays and give your outfit a touch of coolness.