Anklets: the perfect accessory for warm summer days

As the temperatures go up and the sun starts shining bright, it is finally time to get those light summer clothes out of the closet. Breezy dresses, denim shorts, ankle-glazer linen trousers, long pleated skirts… they all have something in common: they are perfect to show off your ankles and, with them, your pretty and chic anklets!  Lets face it, we all LOVE anklets. 

They are the perfect jewellery accessory for the relaxed Australian lifestyle.  The climate here is perfect for anklets for so much of the year. 

Dainty, pretty accessories

Bare legs in the city or at the beach: nothing screams Summer like a shiny anklet. From colourful Little Secrets rope anklets to Boho-chic anklets and ultra-feminine styles à la Brigitte Bardot: take your ankles centre stage with one or more anklets that will stand out even more with tanned legs, flat sandals and a pop coloured nail vanish on your toes.  

Today, everyone from boho beachgoers to brides and even men are wearing anklets. What makes anklets such a universal so special? They’re not exclusive to any single group, culture or demographic, everyone and anyone can enjoy wearing an anklet. 

DIY Charm Club anklet

If you want to let your creativity run wild, you can create your own anklet design by adorning the Charm Club anklets with one or more charms of your choice.